Debi Windle(non-registered)
In love with the artistry of your photos!
kc petersen art & photography
Thank you, Sharon! The drawing is tonight! I'm so excited!
Sharon Wilson(non-registered)
I have loved all the pictures I have seen you post they are amazing. I would love a photo shoot for my children either a beach scenery or a park would be beautiful. Hope I win. God bless...
kc petersen art & photography
I hope you win, too, Kayla!
Kayla Collins(non-registered)
I had no idea you did graduate work in child psychology! Awesome. I would love to win your session. I haven't gotten pictures taken of all three of my kids yet and would love a lifestyle type shoot of them playing together. Hope I win!! So exciting.
I would love a photo session of my grandkids playing in some kind of dreamscape. Is that possible? Does that make sense?
Juaniece Bair(non-registered)
KC, your work is beautiful! Yes, the eyes do catch yours.
kc petersen art & photography
Ahhh, that is so sweet of you. You just made my day!!!
Frances S. Cecilio(non-registered)
I have no words to express the wonderful feeling I got when I saw your watercolors. All I can say is I felt light and breezy while I was viewing them. You have Talent, lady. Really!
kc petersen art & photography
Elena, thank you so much!

Bonnie, I am just getting to that stage in my life where I feel like I have paid my dues (for 40 years), and I am established, and so, now is the time for me to be able to work on the things that I am passionate about. Visually, that is portraiture, fine art photography, and fine arts. I also wish to get back to writing one day a week.

While I have shot weddings, large families, and family reunions, those were more of a necessity. Now that I no longer need to take every job, I feel stronger about doing those jobs that are my specialities.

I love to do individual portraiture, couples, watercolor portraiture.

I heard a photographer, in a conference the other day, say, that the time comes when you prefer to work on quality over quantity. She also said, that in each session she does, a portion of it has to be with her own artistic creativity. Those comments rang true to me.

Having said that, I may fudge on the boundaries a bit here and there. I don't want to be totally strict about them. So, for instance, I did agree to do a family of five recently, but she and I go way back, so I knew she would be good with how I would want to handle it. And, if someone were to ask me to do a photojournalist style for a family reunion, I would love to do that.

I just don't want to line up 6-35 people in a shoot. There are others who have the gear and expertise to handle such a session, and like to do that. I can refer you to some of them.

But if you are okay with me just wandering around your family reunion doing some candid shots, some details, some children interacting, etc. I am so there!

I find that many want to hire a wedding photographer or a family reunion photographer to do the traditional shots with groups of people, and they also hire me to do one of the things that I do best, to shoot behind-the-scenes, the candids, the photojournalistic moments.

Sometimes when someone approaches me for a wedding or a family reunion, I ask if they would like me to contact one of my wedding photog friends for them and see if we set it up so that that photographer does the traditional stuff that they want, and I am the second shooter. When that has happened, it is a wonderful kind of synergy!
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