I am Kathleen C. Petersen, aka KC Petersen Art & Photography. I have been photographing professionally since 1973. This image represents me with a nice, fat book, because I love to read, love nature, and there is an easel for my art. I have a degree in Fine Arts from BYU. And have been a grad student at CSUDH. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers as I am a native Californian, and there I am in my fantasy scene with my camera and a hot air balloon.

My background: My educational background is English Lit, Fine Arts, & Psychology and I have worked in each of these fields, sometimes simultaneously. I have worked as an author of books, as a photojournalist (magazines and newspapers), a portrait artist (photography, oils, watercolor, charcoal), and as an early childhood special education specialist.

What I do: My work, as a portrait artist, is influenced by my fine arts, and photojournalism experience. And with my background in early childhood/psychology, I love to work (play) with children.

I do portraiture, for the most part. I love faces, expressions, and the eyes are so important. I love to do photo sessions that are relaxing and fun. I do fine art portraiture, as well, so, if you want something really special, talk to me! I also create photographic and fine art prints of landscapes, special places (temples, churches, your home, etc.)

Look for me on Pinterest at: http://www.pinterest.com/kcpetersenartz
I am on flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepykat/
And I am working on reopening my etsy shop in the near future, the url will be posted when it is open again!