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All Things Artsy and Photographicsy!

Sometimes a Lot of Things Change, But I'm Still Around!

April 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Well, so I was running a business as a photographer, artist, and writer, yeah,  lots of hats.  And just about around the same time, about two years ago, there were two big changes.  One was that we packed up and moved to Texas, which has made my husband very happy and me, not so much.  I understand that it is more affordable, but I do, truly, miss my friends, and some family are now further away, and I miss being able to walk along the great Pacific, or swim IN it, whenever I felt like it.  I also miss the air that I was breathing there, because I was healthy and vibrant there.

The other thing is that I pretty much "retired."  Moving away from all of my clients, kind of means retirement, but  I don't feel like I am retired.  And I certainly have no intention of putting away my cameras, and my paints and pencils, and my notebooks and computers.  I am still photographing, artisting, and writing because, I mean, that is who I am, obviously!

My website is in transition, as I took it down a lower notch since paying for a higher level website no longer made sense. So be patient with me.  You can still contact me, my cell phone number has not changed, and I am still on FB and a bit on Instagram (I plan to add more there in time).

So, what else is happening?  I haven't taken up baking, and quilting (although I admire those who are good at those things), I will always continue to be creative and intent upon improving my skills and my honest attempts to produce authentic work.  Being "retired" can mean an opportunity to spread out, experiment, have some fun with my life's work.  

In addition, I am very involved in some charitable work and that keeps me balanced so it is not always all about me and what I am trying to express in my various forms of art.

And, I am still doing some of that for friends.  I have and am working on some art for some people, sometimes using a kind of barter system, or whatever we decide.  A friend who often drives me to the airport is getting a painting of Yosemite that I am presently working on, for instance.  I sometimes get a request to edit something that someone is writing, and then there are the photos, photojournalistic, fine art, and I love to do portraiture.  So hit me up, with your requests and ideas and we can talk. 

The painting that accompanies this blog is of my granddaughter, who is often reading a book.  It was something that I wanted to capture about her. Also, she has skinned knees, so, it is a portrait of childhood. I love capturing those kinds of moments.  And I always will.



Website Updated! (Enter to Win a Gift Certificate!)

April 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Been so busy, like everyone else, and been meaning to make some updates, finally had that moment.  YAY!  

So, the main thing is that I am wanting to make ALL of my talents/services, more apparent and accessible to all clients.  My primary talents (passions) are PHOTOGRAPHY, ART, WRITING, and also TEACHING in these fields. 

So there is the photography, and I offer portrait and family sessions, baby and kid sessions, fine art photography, graphically manipulated photography, photojournalism style photography, photo editing, etc.  In addition to regular kinds of photo sessions, which may be planned and carried out as a client/artist corroboration, I also offer my popular mini sessions as a separate deal.  So you can click on the MINI SESSIONS link on my home page and find the kinds and costs of mini sessions.  Sessions other than mini sessions are negotiated on an individual basis.  But you may also click on a general price list with starting fees for several services.

Among the art services that I offer, my fine art portraiture is the most popular.  I use watercolors, watercolor pencils, charcoal, and graphite pencils to create portraits or a favorite place.  I use reference photos from photos that I take for you, or, in some cases, reference photos that you are able to supply.  If you have some kind of art work that you have in mind, talk to me about it, I am open to creating something new. 

As a writer, I have written children's books, humor books, books about writing, and I am a published poet, and editor, and I have written or assisted writing on an hourly basis.  I have several books now, that feature a specific child, or a specific family in a book illustrated with my work.  These kinds of books make great family heirlooms.  I can even assist you in creating your own.  They are fun to create, and they are cherished deeply!

Lastly, I have teaching experience from early childhood to adult, college level.  I have taught art classes, drawing classes, photography classes, and even writing classes, in a formal school setting as well as from my home, or yours.  Any of my classes may be geared to your needs for private or buddy lessons.  And from time to time, I work up a course in drawing or photography for a group with weekly lessons.  Let me know of your interest in learning and I can tell you what is currently available.   

Let me know:

of your personal interests

of any typos in my upgraded website

any critiques

anything that doesn't work with upgraded website.

All who contact me with questions and suggestions, praise or complaints will be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate for any of my services.













July 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am giving away one free kid session. It will need to be booked during the month of August, but it can take place any time until the end of 2017.  This is a free session for one or two kids, for a family that is deserving. To be considered, send your story, or the story of someone you think is deserving via this website, or a private message on FB. A trusted third party will choose the winner based upon stories submitted.  


So why do you deserve a free kid session?  Why would someone you know be buoyed up with a free session?


Kid sessions would be on location (home, beach, park, Huntington or Seal Beach)  or at my location (HB).  Kid sessions are for one or two kids ranging in age from one day old to 11 years of age.  The session will include images in a private gallery.

If you submit the story of a someone you know who is deserving, and that person or family wins the session, you will receive a 50% off coupon for any of my services.  If you submit yourself or your family, your 50% off coupon may be used for a print or product from your session.

Submissions will be read the night of August 1st.








I just made a photo book for my daughter...

November 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



I just created a photo book for my daughter…

     The thought that I needed to make one, and many more was nagging at me throughout the Thanksgiving flurry and all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype.

     I did not pay attention to the hype, because I was attempting to organize all of my photos of my daughter’s family into folders in order to make either one ginormous book (with about six thousand photos and with a price tag, per book, equal to the cost of a decent compact vehicle) or a series of them to be done over the course of the remainder of my life.

     Oh, I have made photo books for her in the past, of course, but not nearly enough, apparently. I am backlogged.

     I have been busy with daily life, which seems to me to be a series of interruptions to my creative soul. I mean, I even resent bathroom, food, and sleep breaks. If that is all it takes to make me feel harangued with interruptions, imagine how I feel about things like grocery shopping, putting gas in the car, or visitors.

      I worked on the annual Christmas card presentation first, in order to get that out of the way. If it were feasible, I would even have the Christmas shopping, such as it will be, out of the way as well. Although, the majority of my list will be created by myself, in the form of watercolor paper, pencils and paints. That messy stuff and such things as photo books.

     But the photo books on my list are what pull at me the most. I know I won’t get as many done as I would like before Christmas, or even before the end of 2017, but the pull is daily present. It could be, in part, due to the needs to: get organized, and to free up space on my computer.

     It’s also due to the need to get what I have expressed, photographically, into a form that can be held in one’s hands, to have a visible record, an heirloom for the family and their progeny.

     I look at what I have from my ancestors and the treasures are limited to some china, tablecloth, a piece of furniture, and a few boxes of photos that are often blurry in their foggy distance from us.

     We are so fortunate to have the technology that we have, which, while it may overwhelm us and overload our computers, makes it possible for us to create heirlooms, to pass down, that are clear, and close-up.

     In the photo book that I just made for my daughter, there are images of her babies where one can count their eyelashes. But even more important, one can see their personalities, as they go about their explorations of their lives and cuddle with their parents.

     And so, while this particular book was still in the stage of that nagging pull feeling, I did feel that I understood why it was so important, and not just to meet the discount deadline. But it wasn’t until I looked through the online preview of the book that I got a deeper sense of its importance.

     Parents of young children are very busy, and it’s often difficult for them to see how significant this time is. It’s crazy significant to the children. And one day, when the nest is empty, the parents might look at such a book and shed a few tears out of missing that time.

     They might wish that they had spent more time savoring and being patient, and just being better at the parenting gig, in general. But a book like this ought to make my daughter and her husband realize that while they may tend to take each obstacle in a linear and bloated fashion, when they look back, they need to see how awesome they were at parents, and this book will be the evidence.

     They will see how much they loved and cuddled, how much they played, and how much they allowed their free-spirited daughters to be free spirits, within the safety of their arms and hearts.

     They will see their daughters as they have grown with their variety of facial expressions and their explorations of the world. They will see the moments when their daughters tried a new food, danced for the joy of it, cuddled each other, focused intently on books or drawings, jumped up and down, and slept curled up as if returning to the womb in hibernation.

     They will see the beautiful life which they found and created within the walls of their home.

     They will see all the love and intensity held still for their examination, and they will know that it was all good and that the love was amazing and they will want to hold it in their minds, eyes, hands and hearts forever.

     And that is why I am pulled to create such a life’s work for all of my children and theirs, forever.

Mini Sessions for a Good Cause

May 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment