Limited Sale for Fine Art Portraiture

March 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have a BFA in Fine Arts from BYU.  Since my departure from the university, I have had a wonderful time being passionate about photography, writing, working as an early childhood specialist, etc.  I have been "enjoying" a return to my roots as an artist.  I say it in quotes because the best part is when I finish a painting and like it!  It can take weeks to create one of these, mostly because I do a lot of rough drafts that use up paper and paints and end up in the trash.  There comes a point where it clicks, and I have, in some mystical manner, managed to put the puzzle pieces of shapes, colors, lines, and lights and shadows, into the right places. It can be an exhausting and agonizing process, but the end result is a work of art that is unique and that I hope will be treasured for lifetimes.

I begin by using photos as references, and I study the photo.  I analyze it.  And then, I break it into its parts and begin to create sketches.  Once I have some sketches that I like, I begin with shading for highlights and shadows within the shapes that have been arranged.  Then, there is a kind of craziness that begins to take place.  I start to render with color in the form of paint, pencil, etc.  I find myself grabbing whatever materials seem appropriate for which ever part of the image I am working on, so there may be wet watercolor pencils being applied over already painted areas (actually a common method), or there may be dabs of dry brush paint being applied to other areas.  I often use cotton swabs, in addition to paint brushes and pencils, and even my fingers to rub in a subtle shading, for example.

Once I have a painting that I don't want to throw away, I let it dry, and spray it with fixative.  And then, you may wish to matte and frame your portrait as you wish, unless you have asked me to do it.  I mostly do the work at around 8x10 or 8.5x11-ish.  This has been a convenient size for me, as I am limited in space.  However, I have done larger works and would be willing to discuss a larger work.  

My prices begin at 300.00 for one subject, one painting.  Let me know if you would like one of these at an unheard of discount for a limited time.  If you missed out on the 50% off offer, but would still like a portrait, let me know and we can start talking about yours.





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