What I Love Doing and How Long I've Been Doing It!

August 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I love putting the images I have taken up on the big screen to convert them from RAW files to jpegs.  I love looking at them carefully, seeing what I like about them, or, sometimes what I don't like, and making mental notes about how to improve.  I love doing a little bit of editing or none at all.  And then I love the reactions of family, friends, and clients, who get to see the images for the first time. Their happiness makes me happy!

Best. Job. On. The. Planet!

I know I am a little bit pricey.  But I honestly do try to keep my prices down, taking into consideration my expenses of doing business.  I also add into the equation that I have been doing this since 1973.  Even longer if you count all of the photography I did that was not paid for in dollars.  But 1973 was when I was open for business.

I've been doing this for 42 years.  And so much has happened during that time!  I have done photography for books, magazines, newspapers, stock agencies, modeling agencies, websites, families, and businesses. 

When I first began in this field, my style was very photojournalistic.  This was partly due to devouring the copies of LIFE, LOOK, and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC that came to our home on a regular basis while I was growing up.  It's also because my first paid job was with a magazine, and soon after that, I did a lot of work for magazines and newspapers and other print media.

Nevertheless, I also did a great deal of child photography, and that was my great love aside from the photojournalism.  In any case, the photojournalistic style produces wonderful, natural images of childhood and family life.  I have been returning to my roots in this style of photography more and more and loving it even more than I did in the 70s and 80s.

Summer is starting to wind down, and I have been super busy with many projects and a lot of travel.  I am seeing that I can work in one or two more sessions pretty soon, so I am opening that up.  It's not always easy to find the time, but it's looking like I can get in a couple of sessions between now and 09-15.  I may be able to get in one or two more in October and November.  If I am sounding tentative at all, it is because, as I write this, I see that possibility, but it may close up quickly.

I am wondering what adventures lie ahead with a few repeating or new clients.  Hmmmm. 









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