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November 05, 2012  •  2 Comments

Sometimes it all builds up (the work to do).  Sometimes I would rather go to the beach.  But, I knuckle down and then it starts to flow.  This image is from a recent family shoot.  It was a difficult one, because the family was traveling and so they were really, really late for the shoot, and I had already scheduled it to be for when the sun was getting low.  That made if difficult to get those beach shots, since the wind was whipping up as the sun was approaching the horizon.

But, we did our best and did some indoor images, as well.  

I always fall in love with those I photograph.  I find that everyone is beautiful.  Many do not realize this.  And I may overlook the beauty in some, until I photograph them!




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This will sound trite, but everyone is beautiful in his or her own way (unless terribly evil!), and I love bringing out that beauty.
This is beautiful!

What if we're not this beautiful?
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