Sweetheart Special 2013- Take 75.00 OFF!

January 04, 2013  •  2 Comments

The Christmas rush is over and my schedule has opened up a bit, and as in years past, I am offering my annual Sweetheart Special, but with a bit of a twist this year.   I am offering, to the first four clients to book a Traditional Session before Valentine's Day (for 1-4 people), a special deal of 75.00 off the regular price.  To get in on this special deal,  you will need to contact me with the form on this website, or in a message on FB (private or public).  The first four to book one of these sessions will get a 75.00 discount.  

But wait, there's more.  Everyone who contacts me, via this website or FB, about the Sweetheart Special, will be entered into a drawing to take 50.00 off the session of his or her choice.  And this means that if you book at the 75.00 off, you are also entered into the drawing, so you could get a whopping 125.00 off on a Traditional Session!

The drawing will take place the night before the first session is booked (I will let you know that date, I want to make it available to those who book early, as well as those who book for a session later.

The drawing will be made by either a grandkid or a random stranger passing by, and it will be documented!

So, if you were thinking of a photo session for your kid, kids, you and a kid, you and your spouse, your small family, etc.  Here is a chance to get a session done now, before I get more busy, at a discount of 75.00-125.00!

Why am I doing this?  Am I insane?  This is why.  January and February are slow periods.  There is a flurry of sessions from October until Christmas.  Then, things get quiet.  I go over my sessions, see how to improve them, see what upgrades that I need to do, and then, I am ready, with a new resolve, new ideas, new energy to dig in again.  I love to photograph your faces, your eyes, your smiles, and meet you and play with your kids.  And so, I discount in my slow months just to be able to keep on keeping on with the fun!

So, send me a message, tell me how many you want in the photo (1-4), and give me some dates when you can do it, and I will send you more info and get you officially booked at 75.00 off, and enter you into the drawing for an additional 50.00 off.  

You may prefer to just enter the drawing and hope to win, which is fine, but, unless you get a date set for a session before February 14th, and be among the first four to do so, you will not qualify for the 75.00 off.

All sessions must take place before 02-14-2013 in order to get this humongous discount, because after that, I am busy again!  There will, however be other special offers in the future, so, if you miss this one, stay in touch for the next one, likely to take place in the summer.

I hope to get to work with you soon!



kc petersen art & photography
I would be glad to create a payment plan for you! Of course, I have big business expenses, but for one or two clients, I could manage to do a payment plan. I could take your photos soon, and you could be paying for them while I am doing the work of developing your images. Then, when you are finished with the payments, I will present you with your images. We can work out something so that it works for you. Send me an email or give me a call and we can talk about it.
Thank you for doing this! I am entering the drawing and also talking to my husband about seeing if we can take advantage of this offer so soon after being Christmas broke!!!!! What if we were to book it now and pay for it later? Or do you have some kind of payment plan that we could do in order to make it more affordable.

I know you have taken off a big chunk already and we love your photography style, it has a fresh and clean look without a lot of the trendy processing we are seeing everywhere. And we'd like some big black and whites on a a the wall.

What do you say?
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