Photography, How Do I Love Thee?

April 05, 2013  •  4 Comments

Let me count the ways!

When I first began to be serious about photography, as in not fooling around as a kid, but as in wanting to really compose and consider things like lights and shadows and juxtapositions, and capturing expressions, etc.  I was in college and using a dinky little camera.  It was the late 60s and early 70s.  In 1973 I got my first SLR film camera and sold my first image, from that first roll of film, to a magazine!  I was instantly hooked.  

Since then I have worked for various newspapers and magazines, getting the decisive moment, photographing famous people that I got to interview, and, for the most part, being present, on the sidelines, and shooting. I love being able to photograph what is unfolding around me.  I still prefer that to directing a shoot.  I am not good at barking orders.  I like to quietly photograph what I am seeing.

I just got back from a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  While up there, I did a family shoot, and I did a baby shoot, and a classroom shoot (which is pretty much a photojournalistic session).  

I enjoyed all of these but more than anything else, I enjoyed doing the lifestyle/photojournalistic sessions. This photo is of one of my sons. He is interacting with his newborn niece, at his first meeting with her.  I was enjoying his expressions and those of his children who were also there to swoon over their sweet, new cousin.

When people get together and start just doing what they would be doing anyway, naturally, I love to bring my camera to my eye and start shooting.

Today, it is even better than ever before to do this style of photography. With my full frame camera and a fast lens, I can be inconspicuous as I document the history, events, and moments of your lives, as they are happening.  There is much less need of flash, or reflectors, and no need to direct people to do that again over by the window light.  

This is my kind of photography.  I do love the sweet baby images that I got.  That full frame and fast lens definitely made that work better, too.  I have photos of her where one can see every downy little fine hair on her temples, and close-up images of her little, dimpled, clutched fists.  I loved documenting her.  And being able to look through hundreds of images of her makes it easier to be back here, away from her.  I can look at her as much as I want.

Nevertheless I am eager for some lifestyle shoots in the near future.  I need to finish up this season's sessions, and then, I will be putting up some special offers for this kind of photography.  Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for this!  So, stay tuned.  I am also building the lifestyle gallery on this website.  I've got a ton of images to add!  

Pillow fight anyone?  










kc petersen art & photography
KB, yes, I meant it, and I mean it, too! ;). Just shoot me a message from the contact page and we can work something out.
kc petersen art & photography
Jackie M (I know you from TCM, right?) Yes, it would be fun. At least one pillow would need to be full of feathers and ready to spew them at the end! And yes, I do take a day-at-Disneyland photos. My pass has expired, though, so, we would need to work out some kind of deal to make it affordable.
Jackie M(non-registered)
I would love a pillow fight session with just my kids. Also, I would love to hire you to go with us to Disneyland with us. Do you ever do that kind of thing? I'd like photojournalist pix of my two kids experiencing it.
Seriously, I would love to do a family pillow fight shoot. Do you meant it?
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